Why Trust is your key digital asset

“The digital asset that matters is trust. Awareness first, then interaction, and maybe a habit, but all three mean nothing if they don’t lead to permission and trust. The privilege of connection. Everything else is slippery.

Seth Godin.

Build the Digital Trust

Realising the full potential of large-scale data analysis may be constrained by important legal, reputation, political and business concerns. Certain risks can be mitigated and managed with a set of emerging technologies and approaches often collectively referred to as ‘Privacy Enhancing Technologies’ (PETs).

“Trust is key to good customer experience.”

Victor Dominello – Minister for Customer Service NSW

These technologies also have the potential to change the trust relationships between citizens, governments and companies.

Enabling great experiences is about putting the customers first, and also actively listening to what they are saying.Automated personalisation is more and more perceived as intrusive and sometimes even counter-productive when data orchestration is not happening.

How long will we continue receiving credit card offers that we already signed up for months, years ago? How long will we receive Frequent Flyer offers for areas of business we are not interested in? When will we get that brand that can interact with us and hear our voice, rather than infer preferences based on triggered signals that fit everyone, but no one at the end?

Successful personalisation will only be achieved by starting two-way conversations with customers and enable those customers to create their own experience while interacting. 

We need to move away from the traditional communication and start being in the conversation. Trust Gates aims to enable enhanced customer experiences based on the basic principles below:

Reduce the implicit cost to consumers:

  • Transparency: let me see what is happening to my data.
  • User autonomy: let me control my data.
  • Security: don’t leave holes in my personal network.

Boost the explicit benefit:

  • Automation: remove unnecessary cognitive load from me.
  • Personalisation: shape services around me.
  • Adaptation: understand the changing external context. 

Customers want more personalised services however they are increasingly wary of giving away personal information. This creates the Personalisation Paradox.

Trust Gates proposes to enable brands to start building back the digital trust by building bridges and two-way conversations with customers. It allows customers to co-create their preferred experiences, while giving brands new opportunities to engage with them and improve Digital Experiences globally in a respectful and transparent way.

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