We're an independent, fullstack IT consultancy that delivers multi-faceted web platforms built on enterprise software solutions with fully integrated complementary services.

Campfire is a specialist in delivering end-to-end technology and consulting solutions across a broad spectrum of market verticals with a sharpened focus towards state and federal government departments, alongside major private operators in the Tourism, Telecommunication, Health and Education sectors.

This has been particularly highlighted by our recent appointment with the Western Australian Department of Tourism’s website design tender. The department’s stated requirement was for ‘best-in-class’ user experience, minimalist and immersive design, intuitive user-centric functionality and compelling, world-class look and feel.

This requisite aligned perfectly with Campfire’s fundamental design ethos, full-stack capability and outstanding track record in this arena.

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We specialise in experience-driven IT solutions for large Corporates, Government Departments, Telcos, providers in the Health & Education sectors and major corporations.
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The key to success in today’s fast-moving, ever-changing landscape is a mature and connected data ecosystem that will support future growth. Every solution is built around the ability to evolve to meet any future requirements.
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''We need our partners to move with us. To us, digital enablement means putting the user at the centre of everything we do. Achieving better outcomes requires innovative partners. Campfire enable us to optimise our user experiences far beyond the initial delivery and far beyond the technical.''
Peter Buckmaster Director of Digital Services
New South Wales Education
Country Fire Authority Victoria
ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
State Emergency Services Victoria
Department of Education Western Australia
New South Wales Education
Queensland Government
Department of Fisheries Western Australia

A better experience for the people who drive your platform

We believe people are the heart of every organisation and that technology should connect, empower, and inspire human potential through better interactions.
We partner with you to tailor solutions that are the right size and fit your business needs, laying the foundations for future growth and scalability.
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Read the full story: Permeance wins Tourism WA website design tender
Permeance wins Tourism WA website design tender

The redesign and management of Tourism WA’s new marketing and information centrepiece has been awarded to Permeance, a WA born and bred IT consultancy.

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