The six key principles that

Define our difference & value

Campfire’s guiding principles

Six key principles that define our difference and value

User experience

A great UX design makes business sense, increases user confidence and improves brand engagement.


We smooth the way by developing solutions that remove complex logins, not asking questions we already know the answer to and embracing technologies such as biometrics and facial recognition.


We consider the user’s many contexts and devices and build respectful, seamless interactions. The user is unaware of the processes, workflows and integrations behind the scenes – as it should be.


As a trusted technology partner, our goal is to make you feel in “safe hands” and to align Business and IT objectives in the most efficient manner.


Digitising processes creates opportunities to reimagine how we improve both experiences and productivity. We use a variety of methods to collect data and user insight including channel-specific tests across Display Advertising, Paid Search, Paid Social and Owned Platforms, tailoring the approach to your specific organisation and audience.

Common vocabulary

We employ an agreed common vocabulary around the product we’re building, one that’s more about the business than IT but understood by both.

''We believe that for every project we do, success will only come from understanding the needs and wants of the individual and by remaining human-centric''.
Paul Robinson Managing Director

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