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Advanced AI Chatbot

Campfire iQA is an advanced AI-powered chatbot designed to understand and respond to conversational language queries, providing instant and precise answers to a wide range of customer FAQs. By facilitating a self-service model, Campfire iQA not only speeds up information access for users but also significantly reduces repetitive inquiries, optimising the workload for customer service teams across various industries.

Choose a working demo from one of the sectors below and input  questions to see Campfire iQA in action.

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Choose a working demo

All the below samples are demos only, not currently in production.


Tertiary Education

This demo based on UNSW’s website shows the possibilities for Universities and Vocational Training institutions.

Sydney Opera House iQA demo

Arts & Culture

Based on the Sydney Opera House website, this demo is a great example of how iQA can serve cultural institutions.

iQA Demo Brisbane City Council


This demonstration based on Brisbane City Council’s website shows how iQA might enhance government services.

Tourism WA iQA demo

Visitor Economy

Tourism WA’s award-winning site, designed by Campfire, provides the perfect demo of iQA’s capablities in Tourism.

Security Icon


Incorporating Open AI’s Chat GPT-like functionalities, Campfire iQA utilises your first-party data while upholding the highest standards of privacy and security.

Customisation Icon


iQA’s design allows for extensive customisation, making it adaptable to various business contexts and capable of responding with specific language and terms relevant to each industry.

Self-learning icon


More than just responding to queries, Campfire iQA continually learns from each interaction. It gathers valuable data that can be analysed to enhance its performance continually.

Customer Insights Icon


iQA data also offers businesses critical insights into customer behaviour and preferences, aiding in the development of improved services and informed business strategies.

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