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Our core services support the delivery of solutions that 'just work'

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Solutions

Personalised multi-device, multi-channel familiar experiences are the new norm. DXPs deliver personalised and familiar experiences, much like the old corner store, where they know you and what you like. They can mostly predict what you’re likely to buy. DXPs that are connected to rich data sources allow you to learn about your customers and improve their experiences, ongoing.

Trust Gates and Trust Profiles – a Campfire Solution

Data security is now a crucial part of the user experience. Users want to know what data you’re using, whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd party, and they want to know how it is being used.

Trust Gates provide tools to manage and guarantee the security of your users data by taking a compliance issue and totally imbedding it into the customer experience (CX).

Your users can control the level of data shared with brands in order to receive a service, understanding when data is collected, why it’s collected, what it will be used for and how it benefits them. Trust Gates is a unique framework established by Campfire, to manage, use, capture and protect customer data according to each unique situation.

When users trust that their data use is safe within your solution - you are rewarded with loyalty, users peace of mind, and better relationships. It’s a value exchange, give-to-get.

It is all managed from within the Trust Profile – a new look account profile component.

Citizen Engagement Platform (CEP) Solutions

CEPs deliver digital experiences to citizens on behalf of governments. CEPs, when implemented correctly, have the ability to remove the fear citizens have when interacting with government bureaucracies. They aim to deliver experiences that are respectful, personalised and familiar, meeting the user on their terms (e.g., device, location, context, etc.)

Customer Experience (CX) Hubs

The power of aggregating information for multiple audiences and purposes is realised in a customer experience (CX) hub. By centralising the disparate artefacts that organisations create around digital experiences (persona libraries, user stories, Global Experience Language (GEL) and more), the entire business can easily access and use this rich information.
  • A turn-key product that helps manage your CX stream, without adding technical complexity and systems.
  • A digital hub for teams to have access and collaborate on their key audiences and segments.
  • A digital library to store and update your Global Experience Language, your customer journeys and success stories.
  • A resource accessible to the entire business for service design in both the digital and physical world.
  • A resource accessible to the entire business for service design in both the digital and physical world.

A fully integrated offering with a range of complementary services

Consulting and managed services

Campfire provides Project-based Consulting and Managed Services across the full spectrum of ICT including:

  • Enterprise and Information Architecture Design, Business Analysis and Project Management
  • Software Development (web and mobile)
  • Graphic Design and Copywriting
  • IT Systems and Software Package Support, Help Desk and Service Co-ordination
  • Public and Private Cloud Hosting
  • Training, Accessibility and Usability Services
  • Infrastructure and Network Support
  • Data Management and Database Administration
  • Backup, Recovery and Service Continuity
  • Security, Performance and Access Management
  • Asset and Licence Administration

Digital Experience design services

We provide design services for high-quality adaptive solutions that meet the customer’s needs of today and the future through:

  • User Experience and Content Strategy: Developing a vision and roadmap for strategically aligned digital experiences and accessible meaningful content
  • Service Design: Crafting a holistic, integrated service across all touchpoints to meet users needs
  • Visual, Motion and Interaction Design: Applying imagery, colour, typography user navigation and interactions between a user and a screen to enhance the user experience
  • Information Architecture: Organising and labelling copy, content and functionality for ease of identification, sourcing and use
  • User Research & Data Insights: Contextualising user needs, behaviours and problems.

Strategic planning and consulting

Build a digital strategy that focuses on the user and their digital needs.

We will:

  • Harness audience data to drive media effectiveness
  • Help you assess the technologies required and design for the tool, not the brand of the tool.
  • Assess the customer journey and their need based on their current step in the journey,
  • Adjust the journey to remove friction and increase motivation

Team support, staff augmentation & on-site technical solutions

As a trusted IT partner, our goal is to make you feel in “safe hands”. Sometimes, the best service we can give you is to provide people – with the right skills for your needs, helping to remove the burden from internal teams. The benefits are many:

  • Reduced burden on internal HR & recruitment processes
  • Quick turnaround from request to deployment of new staff
  • Placing individuals or teams for rapid scaling as required
  • Specialist teams with the ideal skills and track record
  • Our staff work to your objectives, requirements and goals

Performance, security and load testing services

Our skilled Testing Team offer a full range of manual and automated testing services to ensure the performance and quality of your operations.

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Security testing
  • Accessibility testing

Our Performance Testing and Load Testing Services include Outsourced Testing and Performance Testing as a Service (PTaaS); all as Managed Service Offerings. We tailor custom solutions to fit your organisation’s individual needs giving you a breakdown of detected issues and recommendations for fixes based on best practice guidelines and our broad experience.

Data-driven Personalisation

Campfire has extensive experience using DMPs such as Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) and Tealium.

We can help you:

  • Create customer segments to drive personalised website experiences and improved display performance.
  • Undertake in-depth review of performance analytics to help you understand customer behaviour

Enterprise architecture

Take advantage of our extensive experience with complex enterprise architecture projects for leading global organisations.

Our Enterprise Architecture design approach:

  • Takes account of your business landscape, applications, information and workflows to align with your business goals,
  • Supports digital transformation and growth of your organisation.
  • Uses robust project management
  • Minimises duplication of effort while accelerating value realisation.

Marketing automation solutions

We help you align Sales and Marketing teams and free-up expensive internal resources.

Our Marketing Automation solutions:

  • Integrate with existing web applications
  • Enable capture, segmenting, assignment and automation of contextual messaging to customers in a consistent, omni-channel manner
  • Enable you to nurture and rate your leads through personalised engagement that ultimately increases lifetime customer value
''Exceptional experiences come from a well-defined MVP. An MVP delivers enough functionality to realise real value but also to build on the base continually.''
Jean-Christophe Personalisation Specialist