Over 15 years experience

in digital transformation

and user experience technologies

this is our story

Whilst our name is new, our knowledge and experience certainly isn’t

Founded over 15 years ago as Permeance Technologies, we have become a leading Australian IT systems and service provider. Today, as Campfire, our business has grown and evolved. Our experience in delivering human-centric services and solutions in the context of a fullstack consultancy, is what separates us from many other technology providers.
In the ICT arena, the exponential growth of personalisation and relationship-based platforms has made choosing the right solution even more challenging today. 'Right message, right channel, right time' has never been more relevant.
Customers expect more than easily accessible, well-communicated information from Government and Enterprise sources; they seek more personalised experiences.
We fully understand these demands and work collaboratively and strategically with government agencies, and when it makes sense, introduce the right technology partners to help deliver it.
We have augmented our IT skills with a focus on the people who drive our solutions. As a future-focused technology partner, we empower all users by ensuring their experience is as simple and seamless as possible, and a better way to buy, work or connect.
Campfire also supports teams and organisations in retail, corporate, government and education with technology that unites people; that helps create modern, dynamic, and decentralised workplaces where people expect technology to “just work”.

What Campfire represents

Customers expect service delivery to reflect the rest of their digital world, particularly in relation to user experience. We develop user services on a platform that ensures ease of use, predictability, communication effectiveness, and personalised responsiveness by:
  • Gaining a deep understanding of the end-user needs – the job to be done
  • Being forward-thinking and agile in our approach to how we solve problems
  • Supporting management and working side by side with your teams
  • Building trust, transparency and collaboration with our clients
  • Simplifying the complex so your people and customers don’t have to
  • Being solutions agnostic; adopting a right-size, right-fit approach
  • Giving you more time to focus on teamwork and less time figuring out systems

Ensuring you get the most out of the technology you invest in

Delivering the solutions you need without the excess.