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Tourism Western
Australia is the cornerstone communication channel for Tourism WA and must make the case for tourists visiting WA. Campfire was consulted to design the site experience in a way that addresses any barriers to that visit.


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The Problem

Western Australia is a globally unique destination. Its geographic assets and its remoteness have spawned a completely unique ecosystem of flora and fauna that create the perfect backdrop to experience our planet’s longest standing culture. Ironically though, some of these same qualities are those that make WA feel out of reach. We needed to create an experience that overcame these perceived hurdles.



Research confirmed that barriers were based on customer perceptions of:

time Time
How long will it take to see WA?
distance Distance
How far away is it and how far apart are attractions?
cost Cost
Will the cost deliver value for money?
cost Complexity
What is there to do and how to I get around?
The Solution

Our solution focused firmly on creating experiences for the Western Australia Tourism website that dispel each of these potential visitor concerns, from interactive functionalities to look and feel, through to the details of content design.



Showed visitors they can get to and experience Western Australia within a typical holiday timeframe.
Created an Orientation Map, Adventure Map, and Custom Trip Planner
Connected people with the most relevant experiences - making them personal, achievable, and worth going the extra mile.
Created a Preference Quiz and Personalised Itineraries
Elevated the perceived value of a visit to Western Australia to make the cost worthwhile.
Designed a premium, elegant, and sophisticated look and feel
Made it effortless to plan a holiday in WA with straightforward logistics.
Created a Custom Trip Planner and prioritised simplicity and useability